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About LOVE the ANGELS FORETELL's Services:

Kama sutra specialist!I can guide you which sexual position work for you and about his/her sexual needs.


Are you looking for your love?Why is he/she being distant? Where your Relationship is heading? Will you get back together? Do you want to know his/her thoughts and intentions?Will you get a suitable job? I always provide clear, accurate and truth based answers.If you are confused and lost in the dark valley of despair and need help, I offer you indepth, compassionate and caring spiritual reading involving love,soulmate connection,relationship,reunion,career, finance and the other issues concerning to you. I will help you to find the answers that will lead you to the real truth. I can REUNITE LOVERS removing all the obstacles,negative energies,distances and confusions through my God gifted energies and Healing powers. I have REUNITED thousands of LOVERS in my journey to serve the people all over the world.

I am a natural Born psychic,Clairvoyant,Energy Healer and Spirits Guided with 20 years experience.My psychic abilities include precognition(future sight), retrocognition(past life), clairvoyance/clairaudience/clairsentience(see, hear and sense), remote viewing(seeing objects and people from a distance), mediumship(relaying messages to the living from loved ones passed on) and channelling(channelling spirits through me to give messages to others).

Our destiny is not written in pen rather a pencil with a large eraser. Allow that pencil give you the righteous path that you want to lead. Through spiritually and the higher power your destiny can be written with determination and right tools. Open your mind,soul,spirit and follow me. Together we will find what your true heart desires with options and clarity.


Sometimes you feel unloved, neglected or dispersed as having the fears that there should not be any person who can get advantage of your any  wrong step.You do not want to be rejected by others or select the wrong person for you. I can tell you if there is still love in your relationship (past or present) I can tell you if the person you are involved with is even right for you. I know that you want to feel appreciated for the hard work you put into making a relationship work. There's nothing more hurtful than being betrayed or emotionally traumatized. Especially if there is a distance between you and another person (physically or emotional) this causes anxiety, stress, sometimes even guilt. I will make sure to help you to find the way to a better life and to gain much happiness. You deserve to know the answers even when you ask for them from the other person and they don't have the courage to face you. I am here to help you get those answers. I can also help with people  on their career, spiritual or life questions,children, parents,friends or any aspect of life.


I always blend a combination of all my gifts (clairvoyance,clairaudience, psychic, empathy,tarot & pendullum,etc.) with my wide and different life experience. My reading style sometimes catches people offguard because it is more like a conversation, but they quickly realize what is happening.


I will not give you platitude and half answers.. I also will not tell you what you want to hear but will tell you what you need to hear. You will always find me thoughtful,direct, helpful and easy to communicate. In the end,I thank God for my psychic abilities and ask Him to give me compassion and wisdom.

Experience & Qualifications

I have been a Psychic over 20 years.My readings are direct,honest and extremely accurate.I have appeared on the numerous radio shows throughout the country that is in UK. I have been traveling along throughout the world to deal the clients and have helped my clients to reunite them to their soulmates back after cleansing their life path.If I am not available, you can send me an email and fix an appointment to have a chat with me. God bless you!



  ***Powerful Clairvoyant,Clairsentient,Clairaudient

  ***Certified Tarot Reader

  ***Angel Cards Reader

  ***6th Generation Natural intuitive

  ***High Priestess

  ***Highly empath

  ***Genuine Remote Viewer

  ***Master Reiki Healer

  ***Certified member of Astro Reasearch Institution

  ***Psychic Minister

  ***Relationship Counselor

  ***Love & Relationship Healer

  ***Powerful Chakra Balancer

  ***Spirits Guided

  ***20 years experience Psychic/Medium


   Issues to Deal:

  Love,soulmate connection,relationship,marriage,cheating,divorce,sex and intimacy,reunion,career,finance,inner peace,self growth,self development,past,present and future and many more issues of life with the answers you can trust.All the readings are kept strictly confidential.

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